Join a Group
Joining a small group is an excellent way to build friendships and grow spiritual at WHCC. Small Groups offer opportunities for adults to connect with others like themselves in ways that are comfortable, fun and encouraging. Our goal is to have everyone who considers WHCC their church to be involved in a small group. We understand that everyone is unique and has unique life circumstances, so one type of small group will not fit every need.
Our goal of small groups is that every person has a place to be prayed for, cared about, learn and develop in their relationship with God.
  • Prayer Groups - Sunday 8:30 am & Wednesday 6:00 pm
  • Bible Study Groups - Sunday 9:30-10:30 am (multiple options)
  • Choir - Wednesday 6.45 pm
Every group is open and welcoming to new people and a great place to establish encouraging friendships!
If you have questions contact our office at and we will get you plugged in.
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