We Get it, marriage is wonderful and difficult at the same time. With all of the things going on in our lives, sometimes it is the ones we love the most that get a bit neglected. At WHCC we have a goal to help your marriage. We want to help couples connect in the ways God intended for them to connect. We are strategic about helping couples establish 4 Core habits that help build and strengthen their relationship.We are so grateful to partner with a great ministry, MarriedPeople (you can check them out at marriedpeople.org).
We want you to have the best marriage possible. So we have a monthly newsletter we send out with great info and activities that will strengthen your marriage. We host gatherings occasionally where we learn in a larger group about marriage. There are also times when we host 4-6 week small group classes that focus on empowering couples to become closer.

The Bible only gives us a few verses on how husbands and wives should love each other. We believe God did that on purpose. From the precious few Scripture verses on marriage come the 4 CORE Habits of a great marriage that every couple can put into practice regularly.
Fun is so important. The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy each other, often.
Respect and love are the primary things God asks of husbands and wives. When we practice respect and love as a habit, we experience freedom.
Jesus said the greatest thing we can do is love God with all we are and love other people the same way. When we love God our lives benefit and this positively impacts our marriage.
When we can trust each other in marriage we honor the vows we took. When we said "I do” we promised to love each other and stay together no matter what life throws at us. Practicing commitment is vital to all marriages.
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