loving others in Jesus name

At Western Hills Community Church, we believe that service is an essential part of the life God offers us in Jesus Christ. To "serve" is to act in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to someone else. It requires that one person intentionally invest something of herself or himself in another person. God uses that commitment to another's well-being to perform a miracle in the life of the one who serves. No longer is he or she consumed by selfish desire or obsessed with personal fulfillment. Rather, the one who serves—along with the one who is served—experiences the openness and interdependence that lead to wholesome relationships, and, in so doing, both the servant and the served find the fulfillment they so desperately need.
At Western Hills Community Church, we also believe that every follower of Jesus Christ should have four particular targets in mind for her or his service. Thus, we strive to serve:
  • God – We believe that it is not enough to gather on Sunday mornings and proclaim that we believe in and care for God. We must couple our worship with practical acts of service. We serve God by getting to know God and God's expectations of us. We serve God by striving to live moral lives—and by being honest with God about the times that we have failed to do so. We serve God by serving one another and by being responsible stewards of the world that God has committed to our care. And we serve God by proclaiming to the world the good news that God offers forgiveness and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.
  • Our Families – We believe that God calls us to love our families in the same way that Christ loves the church. Jesus was so passionate about us that he laid down his life for us, even though we did not deserve it. For that reason, we strive to love our spouses and children service and sacrifice, thus providing for them a healthy home environment that fosters spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and vocational growth.
  • One Another – We believe that God has called us to be a community of faith in which every person is expected to serve other members of the congregation and the congregation as a whole. This is not the case simply because the church has work that needs to be done. Rather, by serving one another, we show the world that we love one other, and by loving one another, we show the world that we are, in fact, God's children.
  • Our Community – We believe that God has called us to serve those in need in our neighborhood and around the world. We do this first and foremost by sharing with them the good news that God loves them, but we also embody that good news by doing things for them that can really make their lives better.
If you want a church where you will be encouraged and equipped to serve, Western Hills Community Church may be just the place for you. You can join one of our established ministries or carve out a new niche for yourself (and anyone else who wants to join you). If you know you want to serve but do not know how to get started, the ministerial staff and Missional Ministries Team will help you find a place of service that fits your gifts and your interests.
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